First post after years

Hello after a long while… Almost five years have passed since I last posted something on this website. A lot had been changed in the meantime and I overhauled the frontend of the site just to provide myself with some motivation to sustain this website as a diary. I have decided to keep most of the old posts hidden. All of them are articles I’ve written to various newspapers and magazines related to architecture or urban issues. Looking back at them, I realized that I would write most of them differently than now. Anyway, maybe I will disclose them another timeā€¦ From now on I will expand the content of this site to include not only architecture but everything that I am interested in. Nevertheless, most of the articles will inevitably be related to architectural or urban issues. I will mostly try to write in English, but some of the articles will only be in Turkish and rarely in both languages.

We are experiencing a global epidemic nowadays. It actually started in China in late December but hit England in February. Since mid-March, we have been implementing measures to protect self-isolation and social distance. We have been at home for five weeks, except the occasional park visits to get some fresh air. In later posts, I may write on this new way of life we’re experiencing. 

I chose the above image (hand stencil from Cave of Altamira in Spain from around 36,000 years ago) as an appropriate accompanying visual to the first post (or a restart I should rather say). I think it is way better than the hand sign emoji?.  See you in a few days or maybe tomorrow.