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Architectural Codes of a Revolution

The Gezi Park resistance that caused the country come to a halt, induced the steepest decline in the stock exchange in the last 10 years, decrease in tourism reservations, cancellations of concerts and congresses has become the most important breakdown of the past 10 years as well as a revolution … Read more

Bridge City

Curated by Maurizio Bortolotti the Haliç Center is on display at the main hall of the Galata Greek School as a special project within Adhocracy Exhibition and as homage to Yona Friedman, from whose work the exhibition draws inspiration. Friedman’s first installation for the city of Istanbul, the Haliç Center, … Read more

Plateau of Ambitions

Taksim Square in Istanbul neither has the shape of square nor it really reflects the classic urban squares defined by the western urbanism terminologies. However, we like to call this node of roads as a ‘square’ maybe because of our longing for a designed real public space. The most ‘public’ … Read more

İpekyol Textile Factory

After a two-hour drive to the  West of Istanbul, two smiling security guards welcome us at the gate of the Ipekyol Textile Factory. As we’re waved through, it’s apparent that there is not a single mark or logo to identify this vast, glass-fronted building. Even the flag pole, positioned in … Read more

Dechipering Istanbul

It’s hard to evaluate a city in which you have resided for years. You get too accustomed to every detail that makes it beautiful as well as evil. As a resident of this huge organic mechanism, you know which things don’t work well but you are also aware that it … Read more